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CERAMIC GRILLINGwith a thousand years old tradition.

The Monolith is freedom. A ceramic grill that promises you everything. Grilling, smoking, baking, refining, drying. Enjoy the choice, enjoy surprising your guests, enjoy indulging your palate. Your garden will become the land of boundless opportunities.

DETAILSThe Monolith is design. It combines aesthetics with functionality in an accomplished fashion. An object of art, pleasing to both the eye and the palate.

Bambus Griffe




Two colors to chooseblack and red

THREE MODELSThe 3 sizes in comparism.

The MONOLITH family has grown! Now available in two new sizes. In addition to the MONOLI TH CLASSIC, we are proud to present the MONOLITH JUNIOR and the MONOLITH LE CHEF. You can choose the size that perfectly suits your needs. All three sizes excel in performance, providing barbecue enjoyment of the highest level!


ceramic shell height
ceramic shell diameter
grill area
ceramic shell including cart
width incl. side shelves


Eur ???.??
43 kg
57 cm
53 cm
33 cm
93 cm


Eur ???.??
140 kg
90 cm
73 cm
57 cm
128 cm
135 cm


The Monolith is an all round talent. It brings Italian gastronomic culture and the Argentinean way of life directly in to your home. 365 days of holidays every year.